Short Bio

I am currently a Network Architect in the Network Services area of SIA S.p.A. I received the degree of High Qualified Research Doctor (PhD) in Information and Communication Technology from the Scuola Interpolitecnica di Dottorato (a jointly project among Politecnico di Milano, Torino and Bari) in April 2016. My thesis, entitled Analysis of Security Issues in Information Centric Networking, covers problems related to trust management and privacy. Moreover, I have also studied optimization models for mobile scenarios. During my doctoral studies, I have been the teaching assistant for the master course of Network Security and Cryptography. Then, I have been the laboratory assistant for the bachelor course of Communcation Networks and Internet. I have also been a Visiting Scholar at University of Califorina, Los Angeles (UCLA). I worked at the Network Research Laboratory in the Computer Science Department under the supervision of Professor Mario Gerla. I received the Master of Science Degree “cum laude” in Telecommunication Engineering in October 2012, my thesis was about preserving privacy in a Smart Grid scenario, and I received the 2nd price from CLUSIT for my thesis. I received the Bachelor Degree in Telecommunication Engineering from Politecnico di Milano in July 2010 with a thesis about analysis of SAS data.


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